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The second China (lianyungang) international medical technology conference press conference held

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A few days ago, lianyungang held the press conference of the 2nd China (lianyungang) international medical technology conference and informed the society about the conference.

A few days ago, lianyungang held the press conference of the 2nd China (lianyungang) international medical technology conference and informed the society about the conference. Ma wei, deputy secretary general of municipal government and director of the office of preparation group of the congress, lu jie, director of the municipal commission of economy and information technology and deputy director of the office of preparation group of the congress, xu dongfang, President of the municipal association of science and technology and deputy director of the office of preparation group of the congress attended the press conference. Xinhua news agency, yangzi evening news, lianyungang daily and other 14 news media attended the conference.


Ma wei introduced the background, basic information and preparations for the conference. In recent years, lianyungang has vigorously implemented the innovation-driven strategy, accelerated the construction of innovative cities, constantly strengthened the capacity of independent innovation, and established a regional industrial science and technology innovation center. Among them, as one of the important pillar industries in lianyungang, the new pharmaceutical industry has been rising rapidly, with the emergence of domestic leading pharmaceutical enterprises such as hengrui pharmaceutical, zhengda tianqing pharmaceutical, haosen pharmaceutical and kangyuan pharmaceutical. The international pharmaceutical technology conference held in lianyungang is conducive to further implementing the national innovation-driven development strategy and promoting the innovative development of China's pharmaceutical industry. It helps to promote the communication between China's pharmaceutical industry and the international community, and to promote the transfer of innovation elements and the transformation of achievements. It will help solve the problems of local pharmaceutical technology innovation and industrial development and create a model for regional pharmaceutical industry innovation and development. At the same time, this is also an important measure to implement the cooperation agreement of provincial capital signed by China association for science and technology and the government of jiangsu province, which is conducive to further gathering high-end medical innovation resources at home and abroad, and building a platform for medical innovation and industrial development, as well as a platform for technological innovation and industrial development, as well as an international exchange and cooperation platform.


Lu answered questions on the development of lianyungang pharmaceutical industry and the policies and measures to promote the development of lianyungang pharmaceutical industry. Lianyungang has formed the new liver disease drugs now, new antitumor drugs, narcotic analgesic drugs, new proprietary Chinese medicine, medical disinfection sterilization equipment and new pharmaceutical packaging materials and so on six big characteristic medicine cluster, form the innovation of chemical medicine, modern traditional Chinese medicine, medical equipment and medical materials of three products group, completed the country's largest antitumor drug, drug hepatitis production base and important production base of modern traditional Chinese medicine, spring from the board, the weather is fine hengrui medicine, he pharmaceutical, a batch of leading domestic enterprises, such as kang edge pharmaceutical in medicine has formed the "Chinese medicine in jiangsu province, jiangsu pharmaceutical innovation lianyungang" of reputation, It has become a national leading area for innovative drugs and a well-known "pharmaceutical port". In recent years, lianyungang vigorously promoted the development of the pharmaceutical industry and introduced a series of policies and measures. Set up medical industry development office in lianyungang city; Support research and development of new varieties of initiative, support for generics consistency evaluation and TCM injections and evaluation, support acquisition of patent technology and biological medicine pharmaceutical enterprise, support medical research and development services and support to launch high-end medical talents, support qualified pharmaceutical marketing authorisation holder industrialization, support the body of the pharmaceutical enterprise fast growth, incentives for senior talents of pharmacy industry, eight; It has invested 3 billion yuan to build a public service platform for the life and health industry, which integrates the functions of research and development, testing, incubation, demonstration, transaction and talent cultivation, and built a big data center with a total investment of 500 million yuan. Meanwhile, the city is making great efforts to build the "e-commerce valley" brand of lianyungang pharmaceutical, accelerating the development of "Internet + medicine".


Xu introduced the achievements of the first international medical technology conference in 2017 and the innovations and highlights of the second conference. In 2017 the first international conference on medical technology has made "have an impact on industry, the wide acclaim, social development as" the good results, by the party and government, enterprises, experts and community consensus at home and abroad, made to study in-depth cooperation project, set up academic and new platform, promote industry amalgamation of BSFLP results fall to the ground effect, effectively expanding the visibility of lianyungang. The activities of the second international conference on pharmaceutical technology are more abundant, and the mode of 1234 is innovatively set. BBS, director of One Belt And One Road hospital, BBS, the international conference on network pharmacology and biomedical development, and the unveiling of academician workstation are all new activities. The service industry is more targeted. Focusing on the strategic goal of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the participating experts jointly discuss the path of innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry through special reports, policy interpretation, keynote speeches, roundtable dialogues, project roadshows and field visits. A total of 455 talent demands, 161 technical demands, 335 overseas medical innovation results, and 97 cooperative intention projects were collected, among which 36 were signed up for the conference. Experts from home and abroad have a wider range of participation, with 18 domestic and overseas associations participating in hosting, organizing and co-organizing, covering 26 countries and regions, among which 32 are non-chinese and 8 are academicians from home and abroad.



   The 2nd China (lianyungang) international medical technology meeting the conference by the China association for science and technology intelligence office, international federation of pharmacology sea natural medicine pharmacology branch, the Chinese pharmacological society, feed, association for science and technology, jiangsu province, jiangsu province food and drug administration of China medicine institute and lianyungang city people's government hosted, on August 23-26 in lianyungang huaguo mountain hotel. The theme of this conference is "a new era, new medicine, new platform", the congress set up the opening ceremony, the pharmaceutical industry cutting-edge technology expert academician report, political conversations in collaborative innovation high-end production, all the way "area" hospital development international BBS BBS, network pharmacology and biological medicine, biological medicine technology summit of China and the United States, central Europe summit, project roadshows and life science companies, international business negotiation, medical experts medical technology innovation exhibition, medicine project 12 points, BBS and other series of activities. At that time, nearly 400 people, including academician experts from home and abroad, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions of the state, leaders of jiangsu province and relevant departments, directors of hospitals of cities along "One Belt And One Road", well-known experts, well-known entrepreneurs and representatives of investment and financing companies, will attend the conference.

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