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Public welfare

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Public service

It enjoys national, provincial, municipal and hengqin new area policy support

Blue ribbon health charity walk

The charitable Hopkins

Charity moves you and me and warms the world with heart

We will further improve the level of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the country, strengthen the capacity of cancer diagnosis and treatment, standardize the treatment of tumors, and improve the survival rate and quality of life of patients. Hopkins aims to actively help grassroots medical institutions to set up third-party payment medical charity and insurance relief platforms, and jointly help impoverished cancer patients to seek medical treatment through industrial alliance, fulfilling the social responsibilities of service enterprises. Hopkins joint national medical health industry working committee, the European and American society life, the biological medicine branch of the civil affairs bureau of zhuhai city, guangdong province, the pearl projects the charitable foundation, anti-cancer association, zhuhai zhuhai drug firms circulation association launched a "blue ribbon health public welfare activities", social donations and free clinics in the early screening activities, start the charity relief fund, implementing medical service for poverty cancer patients.