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From ancient to modern times, medicine, medicine and medical care are closely related to human survival, health and social development. They are the most dynamic fields and will continue to be the most active frontier scientific and technological fields. The major discoveries and technological innovations they breed will greatly enrich human understanding of the nature of life. With the development of economy and social progress, China's major strategic demands for life science, biological medicine and biotechnology are increasingly prominent. Urgently need to establish the cancers in order to prevent and control major chronic diseases as the core, with early detection and intervention, gather medicine and precisely targeted drugs, medical treatment, health keeping in good health and dietary supplements and biological safety network system, biotech drugs and regenerative medicine, such as the national overall health of body and mind for characteristics of pratt Life and health Life Science 6 STM system.

6 technical service systems and technical service links:

Life science (popular science experience);

Early detection (detection and prevention);

[3S] drug products (drug intervention);

[4S] precision medicine (medical technology);

[5S] TCM intervention (combined intervention);

[6S] dynamic tracking (immune rehabilitation). These technological links integrate the most advanced medical, medical, medical, rehabilitation and anti-aging technologies both at home and abroad. With the continuous development and progress of modern life science and technology revolution, it is possible to establish a whole life cycle health care technology service system which can effectively guarantee human life health.

The western world generally regards the life science and technology revolution as another revolution after the Internet revolution. The scientific research and technological innovation we are currently engaged in are the most cutting-edge and advanced technology projects in the fields of life science, biological medicine and biotechnology. There is a space between the stimulus and the response. In this space, we have the freedom and ability to choose our own responses, and our growth and happiness depend on our responses. We have been using our innate potential to find our own voice. This is a long and continuous process from the inside out. It is our hearts and dreams to create Hopkins as a contributor to human health and well being. We are thankful that we have found our hearts, and we work hard to realize our dreams. We will use vision, self-discipline, passion, and conscience to express our thoughts and pursue our dreams, and inspire others to find their hearts and pursue their dreams.